Prologue, July 17th




Best Western Cascadia Inn

2800 Pacific Ave

Everett, WA 98201


Our ride starts in Everett, MA, about 40 miles from my home in Sammamish. I had considered riding to the start location with Karl and Anne Marie, two other local riders, but my wife Diana talked me out of it. Instead, we watched the exciting 13th stage of the Tour de France and had a leisurely morning and lunch before driving up.

After arriving at the Best Western motel and checking into my room (which seemed to take about ten times longer than it should have, we all got together for a rider's meeting to discuss logistics for the tour. Lon and Susan laid out the ground rules and went over the first day's ride.

Diana got a chance to meet some of the other slightly crazy folks I'll be riding across the country with before we sat down to a buffet dinner of salad, lasagna and chicken. They also had something that resembled iced tea to drink, but we all agreed that the ice water on the table was actually closer to good iced tea than what was being served. The lasagna was pretty good and the deserts were quite tasty, so I think I got enough calories help me get through the 124 miles on the first day's ride.

Rider Meeting Our luggage van and support trailer Dinner - (l to r) Karl, Martha (Karl's wife), Anne Marie, Diana