Day 3, July 20th

Start: Spokane, WA

Finish: Sand Point, ID

Miles: 90

Elevation Gain: 2500'


Quality Inn

P.O. Box 128

Sand Point, ID 83864


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What a great day! I never thought I'd consider 90 miles a short easy bike ride. PAC Tour used to combine today's ride and tomorrow's as a single day. I'm very glad they split them.

The weather was just about perfect - sunny with enough puffy white clouds to keep it feeling cool, and

Leaving Spokane

a glorious tail wind almost the whole way into Sandpoint. There were times the tailwind was strong enough that it felt like it was pushing me up hill. I took it very easy today and stopped often for photos. I don't think I'm quite at 100%, but after another easy day tomorrow I think I will be.

We had a nice hot breakfast in the motel in Spokane, with fresh waffles, scrambled eggs, potatoes, etc, and left a little after 7:00AM. We had a little fun leaving Spokane because of some detours, and many of us got a bit lost. I finally saw Lon in the PAC tour van and followed him out of the downtown area. He hit enough traffic lights so it was easy to keep up.

We followed Rt 2 to the Idaho border and completed our first state crossing. This part of Washington and Idaho is very scenic and even riding on the highway was quite pleasant. But once we got into Idaho a little ways, we took a quiet detour road along the Priest

At the Idaho border

River. I took most of the photos below while we were riding this road. We got to our lunch stop at mile 76 and Susan was cooking scrumptious hamburgers to go with the potato salad, watermelon and blueberries.

The last few miles into Sandpoint were pretty easy and I got to the motel in plenty of time to do some laundry and take a short nap before my massage at 4:00. Dena concentrated on my legs which I'm sure will help later in the week when we start to get back into

Bridge near Albeni Falls picnic area

the serious miles.

One of our riders, Melissa from Australia, had a fall yesterday riding over some railroad tracks in the rain. She was taken to the hospital in Spokane and treated for a broken shoulder. She's got her arm in a sling, but it doesn't look like she's going to be able to put any weight on her arm for a while, which rules out riding a bike. She's here with her friend Jonathan and may try riding a tandem with him (graciously offered by one of the couples on our crew) to see if she can do that one handed.

Thanks to Marlene for taking the photos of me.

Lon (light colored shirt) is the master at field repairs Pretty wild flowers near one of our rest stops Rural road that we traveled for much of our ride through Idaho

Harvested hay in Idaho Farm along Rt. 2 in Washington One of the stunning views on our ride through Idaho

Yet another pretty view in Idaho of what's left of an old bridge Here's me standing in front of this view Horse farm in Idaho